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Sights to Visit: Spain » Andalusia » Huelva

What to see when visit province of Huelva

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Cortegana Cortegana: Cortegana Castle Cortegana Castle
Category: Fortress in Cortegana
This castle was built in 13th Century on hill near current city of Cortegana by Sancho IV to defend the area from the Portuguese. The fortress is perfectly preserved. It is rectangular in shape with towers and a two storey keep. It has a small parade ground and there is a well preserved underground ...
Cala Cala: Church of Santa Maria de la Magdalena Church of Santa Maria de la Magdalena
Category: Church in Cala
Aroche Aroche: Castle of Aroche Castle of Aroche
Category: Fortress in Aroche
Cumbres de San Bartolome Cumbres de San Bartolome: Castle of Cumbres de San Bartolome Castle of Cumbres de San Bartolome
Category: Fortress in Cumbres de San Bartolome
Cumbres Mayores Cumbres Mayores: Castle of Sancho IV the Brave Castle of Sancho IV the Brave
Category: Fortress in Cumbres Mayores
Santa Olalla del Cala Santa Olalla del Cala: Santa Olalla del Cala Castle Santa Olalla del Cala Castle
Category: Fortress in Santa Olalla del Cala
This 13th century castle stands on a ridge near village of Santa Olalla del Cala. The fortress was built by the Christians to defend the area from the Portuguese. Its battlements are reminiscent of Moorish castles. Below stands the splendid Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion with its Gothic d...
Aracena Aracena: Castle of Aracena Castle of Aracena
Category: Fortress in Aracena
The Castle is situated on a hill near Aracena (province of Huelva). It was built in 13th Century on base of a Moorish fortress. There is also a church near by (Church of Nuestra Senora de los Dolores) that has been converted from a mosque. The castle is now in ruins.
Palos de la Frontera Palos de la Frontera: La Rabida Monastery La Rabida Monastery
Category: Monastery in Palos de la Frontera
De la Rabida is a Franciscan monastery situated in municipality Palos de la Frontera (Huelva province). In this monastery 15th Century the great discoverer Christopher Columbus was stayed before obtaining approval from the Catholic Monarchs for his expedition to the New World. Some of buildings as...
Zufre Zufre: Church Iglesia de la Purisma Concepcion Church Iglesia de la Purisma Concepcion
Category: Church in Zufre
The church of "Purísima Concepción" is situated in village of Zufre, at the village square. It dates from 16th Century when was built on the site of a gothic Moorish temple, which in turn was constructed on the site of a small rural mosque during the Muslim occupation. In 1757 a tower ha...
Puerto Moral Puerto Moral: Church of St Peter and St Paul Church of St Peter and St Paul
Category: Church in Puerto Moral
Church of "San Pedro y San Pablo" is located in the centre of the village of Puerto Moral and dates back to the end of XVc. - begining of XVIc. It is known also as "Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza" (Our Lady of the Head)
Huelva Image is not available Huelva museum
Category: Museum in Huelva
The Museum of Huelva is  housed in a modern building on the Avenida Sundheim. There are exibited interesting archaeological collections, with objects from the megalithic sites, Tartessian treasure from the necropolis at La Joya, Phoenician, Greek and Moorish artefacts, etc.
Alajar Alajar: Church Iglesia de San Marcos Church Iglesia de San Marcos
Category: Church in Alajar
Iglesia de San Marcos is a 16th-century church in village of Alajar. Its size reflects of the large population that lived here in the 18th century when the church was enlarged.
Almonaster la Real Almonaster la Real: Almonaster la Real bullring Almonaster la Real bullring
Category: Bullfighting in Almonaster la Real
Almonaster la Real bullring is situated at the foot of the mosque of Almonaster and is built in the parade ground of the old fortress
Almonte Almonte: Chapel of the Virgin of El Rocio Chapel of the Virgin of El Rocio
Category: Church in Almonte
The Virgin of El Rocío (also known as Madonna of El Rocío or Our Lady of El Rocío) is located in town of Almonte.The hermitage is home to the Virgin of El Rocío - a small, much-venerated carved wood statue, and is the destination of an annual procession/pilgrimage on the second day of the Pentec...
Beas Beas: Church of St.Bartholomew Church of St.Bartholomew
Category: Church in Beas
The Catholic Church of St. Bartholomew in village of Candon (municipality of Beas) dates back to XIV-XV centuries. The building is ruled by a baroque tower built on an ancient watchtower.
Trigueros Trigueros: Dolmen de Soto Dolmen de Soto
Category: Archeological site in Trigueros
Dolmen de Soto is located between Beas and Trigueros. Its stones date back to 3000 and 2500 years BC. It has one of the long corridor dolmens that exist in Andalusia. It is covered by a tomb colossal dimensions.The dolmen is one of the most important among the more than two hundred megalithic mon...
Niebla Niebla: Niebla Alcázar Niebla Alcázar
Category: Fortress in Niebla
The construction of the Alcázar near Niebla started in 1402, when Don Enrique de Guzmán, the 2nd Duke of Medinasidonia and the 4-th of Niebla, pulled down the old Alcázar build the current. The result is a magnificent royal palace which preserved the most interesting and luxurious parts built by ...
Moguer Moguer: Mazagon beach resort Mazagon beach resort
Category: Beach resort in Moguer
Mazagon beach is situated in municipality of Moguer, close to the seaside town Matalascañasnear (6km) and is at distance of 13km from Palos de la Frontera and 16km southeast from Huelva. The beach is backed by sandstone cliffs.In the centre of Mazagón there are a modern Parador and wide variety of...
Galaroza Galaroza: Fountain of twelve spout Fountain of twelve spout
Category: Fountain in Galaroza
Twelve pipes fountain (Fuente de los Doce Caños) in Galaroza is one of the most beautiful fountains among the lots in the town. It was built in the late XIX-th century and was paid by the inhabitants of Galaroza.
Lepe Lepe: La Antilla beach resort La Antilla beach resort
Category: Beach resort in Lepe
The beach resort of La Antilla is located at Costa de la Luz, 5km south of Lepe. It has a pleasant promenade lined with palm trees, a wide, sandy, beach and some excellent seafood restaurants. Region near Isla Cristina (in the west) is used from nudists.

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